Philips Avent Manual Breast Pump – 125 Ml – Special Offer

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Key Features
  • Patented massage cushions flex in and out
  • Replicating baby’s suckling action and stimulating a fast and natural let-down
  • Flexible and portable for use wherever you need it
  • Easy to assemble, efficient and quite
  • Includes: Manual Pump; 1-4oz/125ml BPA free bottle¬†
  • 1 sealing disc for milk storage
  • 1 newborn silicone nipple
  • 1 dome cap
  • BPA-Free bottles
  • Made from Polyether Sulphone (PES)¬†
  • A BPA Free material with a natural honey color

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The Philips AVENT BPA-Free Manual Breast Pump provides a comfortable and efficient way to continue giving your baby all the benefits of breast milk. Using a patented massage cushion that mimics suckling, and a gentle-draw vacuum that encourages steady milk flow, this manual pump allows you to collect milk quickly, without noisy motor sounds. And because the Manual Breast Pump gives you total control over your pumping speed and rhythm, it always feels natural and exactly right for you.

Soft Massage Cushion Comfortably Triggers Let-Down
The Manual Breast Pump’s massage cushion features five petals that flex in and out to gently massage your breast. The petals work together to mimic a baby’s natural sucking action and trigger let-down. The soft massage cushion is comfortable to use on a daily basis and will help produce a fast, natural milk flow.

The Manual Breast Pump can be used without the massage cushion to achieve maximum vacuum levels.

Pump More Milk More Quickly
The Manual Breast Pump has been clinically proven to express more milk than a hospital-grade double electric pump. This is because the Manual Breast Pump gives you complete control over your pumping speed and rhythm and responds instantaneously to any changes you make. It lets you match your pumping style to the natural suckling action of your baby, which stimulates milk flow and results in less pumping.

Since it gives you total control over your pumping, the Manual Breast Pump always feels exactly right for you. And thanks to its gentle-draw vacuum that mimics a baby’s suckling to encourage steady milk flow, the breast pump always feels natural.

Quiet and Easy to Use
The Manual Breast Pump has a comfortable handle that is easy to grip, allowing you to pump efficiently for extended periods. Plus, when your baby’s napping, or when you’re at the office, you’ll love that the pump is whisper quiet–it is so silent and discreet, you can take it with you anywhere.

Continue Breastfeeding, Even on the Go
Perfect for tossing into your tote bag, this lightweight manual breast pump includes a handy bottle stand and nipple travel pack, so you can give your baby all the benefits of breastfeeding, even when you’re on the go. The breast pump is a snap to assemble in just seconds, so it’s ideal for use at the office or on the road–no electricity or batteries required.

Pump, Store, and Feed with the Same Container
The manual pump lets you pump, store, and feed with the same container, preserving valuable nutrients that can get lost if breast milk is transferred. A sealable 4-ounce breast-milk container and extra-soft Newborn Flow Nipple is included, so you’ll have everything you need to get started.