Bambi Diapers – Size 5 – 64 Pcs

EGP 149.00 EGP 129.00

Key Features
  • Diaper Size: 5
  • Baby Weight (in kg): 13-25 kg
  • Total Number of Diapers: 64 Pcs
  • Non-allergic cotton feel cover sheet
  • Leak-proof barriers with multiple elastic thread
  • Micro-embossed waterproof plastic back sheet
  • Ultra absorbent pad
  • Double refastenable tapes on each side
  • Packed in PE flexible bags

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A baby is the light of a mother’s eyes and we at Bambi understand that every mum wants the best for her precious angel. BAMBI is the Brand for independently minded women who are looking for all the needed performance in a diaper at a fair price. When you choose BAMBI, you make the right choice for your baby and a smart purchase decision for your family!




Sanita Bambi Baby Diapers are made of smooth cotton-like material that allows more airflow to your baby’s skin and reduces the likelihood of rashes. Its mild & updated texture grants your baby a lasting freshness throughout the day and night.