BabyJoy Jumbo Baby Pants Diapers – Size 5 – 34 Pcs + 4 Pcs Free

EGP 120.00 EGP 89.00

Key Features
  • Pants Size: 5
  • Baby Weight (in kg): 15-22 kg
  • Number of pieces: 34 Pcs + 4 Pcs Free
  • Soft & comfortable stretch waistband
  • Makes diaper changing as easy like wearing underwear
  • Cotton touch to keep your baby comfortable at all times

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The daily growth of a child gives great joy to mothers.  BabyJoy supports a mother’s deep affection for her children as they grow.
With its high quality and advanced features, the BabyJoy brand supports parents by reducing the burden of child-raising tasks and enhancing the joy of their daily life.



BabyJoy products have many features customized for each stage of your baby’s development! The features change in accordance with the various stages of growth and development. They take into account not only changes in baby’s size, but also changes in baby’s activities and the quantity and consistency of baby’s discharge. Choose the BabyJoy size that best fits your baby’s current stage of development.

BabyJoy Tape diapers provide effective protection against leakage with the Compressed Diamond Pad feature.